C. sasanqua 'Cleopatra (Sawada)'
Cleopatra (Sawada)

Species sasanqua
Variety Cleopatra (Sawada)
Bloom Type semidouble with irregular petals
Bloom Color rose pink shading to lighter pink at the center with yellow anthers
Bloom Size medium
Bloom Season early
Growth Habit compact, upright growth
Growth Rate vigorous
Hardiness Zone 6B-7
Originator from Japan to U. S. - K. Sawada, Overlook Nursery
Year Originated approximately in 1929
Place of Origination Crichton, Alabama
Pollen Parent
Seed Parent
Keywords Sports: Cleopatra’s Blush, Cleopatra White. Not to be confused with C. japonica 'Cleopatra (Macarthur)'
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